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My mantra for n00bs:
  1. join a guild that uses voice chat
  2. get on voice chat
  3. ???
  4. PROFIT!!!

PvP is painful for n00bs. Much of the time you will be playing against players far more skilled and better geared than you so when you improve by 10% you won't notice because they still crush you.

You don't even know your skill tree yet. The best players know all the classes and most of the skill trees. E.g. In level 50 WZ, if they see a sage healer with "knockback root" they know he does not have an AoE heal. These same expert players may be leveling an alt in the 10-49 bracket so playing there doesn't prevent you from running into opposing teams that will crush you.

Everything goes better with buddies in voice chat though. You learn faster, losses are less painful (misery loves company), you win more than when you queue solo so you gear up faster.

If, for some reason, you can't use voice chat, joining a guild and asking questions to the same buddies will still be far more efficient than asking in general chat.

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