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01.07.2013 , 05:01 PM | #608
Just throwing my in support that I wish we could turn Ashara darkside as well. However, I'm holding out hope that is a more long-term, relatively speaking, subtle corruption since it does remind me of the whole Anakin/Palptine deal, as someone mentioned earlier in this thread. For all her spouting on about her still being a Jedi, Ashara is supremely self-confident person, bordering on arrogance, which isn't very Jedi-like traditionally. I still have faith that DS Inquisitors are just stringing her along bit by bit, building her up until we have that moment where we can finally turn her.

And as fun as turning Jaesa was, it was kind of a brute force turning the Sith Warrior put Jaesa through, if that makes any sense. There wasn't much subtlety to it.
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