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Obviously a lot of thought will have to go into where these skills are placed in the skill trees to prevant overpowered hybrids. I hope you all take the time to read my ideas
I read them, but *** @ anything melee related. If any sorc is whacking something with their light saber it's either
A: They think they rolled an assassin but just have been completely wrong this whole time...
B: They're about to humiliate someone with a crushing thrash killing blow. (I do this in WZ's on Lowhealth people trying to kill me. It's hysterical.)

I agree with you that the sorc needs an execute and some type of defensive CD. I've always believed that it should be Shock costing half the force and doing triple the damage on something sub 30%, the CD of it is long enough to be on par with other classes executes. Or madness DoT's should be 100% crit on targets sub 30%.

As for Defensive CD, It should just be passive with bubble or a Detaunt like Rift has. If bubble is down, you take 30% less damage for 6 seconds. (that way there is still the potential gap before refreshing bubble to take harder hits)

Our AGGRO DROP should also provide 50% less damage from a specific target for 15 seconds. It's on a long enough CD not to be abused in both the PVE and PVP world.