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01.07.2013 , 04:55 PM | #32
What I would like to see is an Op that has several Flashpoints leading up to it, in one cohesive story.

The concept?

A unified story where you have several (4 or 5) flashpoints that are going to be used to strictly gear towards the OP. To play the OP, you need to at least clear all the flashpoints, which will be available in Hard or Nightmare only.

The catch to the mechanic is this - In this particular series, you not only have your group, but every group member is allowed to have a companion out. This means full on flashpoints and an OP balanced for a full group plus companion play, and it also means gearing your comps as well. It will allow a barrage of "Heroic Moment" uses and should allow the gameplay to be absolutely crazy fun.

And as for the final destination OP - handle it same way with comps, but Shadow of the Colossus style - no trash, just boss battle after boss battle, each getting harder and more challenging.

Pair that with an exciting story, and you should have something that is incredibly entertaining. You can have new daily-weekly-monthly missions too in order to help gear based on your progress.