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01.07.2013 , 03:58 PM | #39
I usually don't have issues with PUGs, although me being the tank helps to make sure things get done right.

I will say this, nothing annoys me more than DPS initiating pulls over and over again. I'm a pretty quick tank, which means the DPS has to basically be running ahead of me as much as possible to pull before me. If this happens a few times in a row, first I'll let that DPS tank and hope the healer gets the idea to let him die. Then he can ask me what happened, I'll explain that I thought he wanted to tank, and he'll hopefully get the message. If the healer keeps him up though, I'll just exit and add said DPS to my ignore list.

Just a tip if you're a DPS, as long as the tank isn't stopping for coffee between every pull, don't initiate pulls without him. I don't care if its the Black Talon and you way overgear the content, that tank is the one that made your queue pop, don't make his job any more difficult than it has to be.