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Except that if you are coming from other MMO's, it doesn't work the same way. This is my 3rd mmorpg......both of the other two had it set up that dps concentrated solely on the main tank's target. AT ALL TIMES! If you didn't, you were called out for it and "taught" how to do it correctly. It also seems that tanks in those other games have more taunts and abilities to grab full mob aggro. In raid groups, there would always be an off-tank that would be assigned and certain dps would be assigned to assist him in burning adds. It also didn't help that most of the time, it was better to burn the boss asap and ignore the adds (the adds would poof when the boss went down.) The group set-up in this game is way different too....I"m used to 6-man groups, w/tank, healer, and a mix of others. That mix included dps, power-feeders, mezzers, etc. Just some things to point out that make the fights here somewhat disorienting at first.
Not having played any other MMOs (TOR is my first), I find this sort of thing surprising.

What would be the benefit of ignoring weaker mobs and having the DPS focus on the tanks main high-health target?

It would seem that even in other MMOs, a weak enemy is a) Still capably of doing damage to the party and b) Dies relatively quickly so why not kill them immediately?

Do killing the weak mobs give a buff to the elite mob (like a mini-enrage)? If you kill weak mobs do they respawn with more of them (herakles and the hydra)? Do every elite mob come with a tight enrage timer so any time dps'ing trash is bad?