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It really bothers me when I come here trying to be helpful, stating fact and get called a liar

I sell at least 10-20 lowbie purple implants a day ranging from level 21-45. They cost me virtually nothing to craft and yield around 25k each. You do the math. Selling exotechs is viable, but like I said earlier, with all the undercutting bringing prices down to around 15k/stim I'd rather just craft stims for guildies and sell the mats.

OP take from this what you will, but on Po5, implants do sell as pvpers want to twink out lowbie alts.
LOL. You might need to craft yourself a sense of humor. Humanpirhana was being FUNNY. He is saying that HE himself makes tons of credits selling lowbie implants so he agrees completely with you but he doesn't want anyone else to know the secret.

Some clues as to the intent of his post:
"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. These aren't the droids you're looking for."

PS I started playing again a couple of days ago and brought the implants on POT5 down to a more reasonable price so expect your profits to got down a smidge.