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01.07.2013 , 03:31 PM | #38
I think the issue is that when PuGs are bad that a so bad you have to post about them. Over all I dont have issues with puging. I have seen that alot of people go into pugs expecting things to happen but make no effort to assure they do happen.

IE Tank wants to skip tons of mobs doesnt say jack just takes off leaving the rest fo the group to fend for themselves then cries when the other members get killed or wipe.

The Queueing as rolls you cant not fill is my hands down biggest rager. I am a SI healer I have 20k HP if your a tank with less and in dps spec you shouldnt be queueing to tank. Nothing I enjoyed more then the 13k Juggy tank with no shield in Heroic Kaon yea that was fun.