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Two ideas for bosses:

1) Just a flat out a massive army attacking. With tanks having to blow their AOE taunts, this would get pretty hairy. Kind of like the pull between Operator and Kephess, but more adds coming in constant waves.

2) A team up encounter where your party of 8 or 16 has to team up (maybe even go down separate paths) to beat a set of enemies. Could even be like a mini Council/Dreadguard fight, but teams of two. Should be different ways of beating each boss based on the two roles that pair up. Another way to do this would be more like a council but where the enemies change abilities in the middle of the fight causing all players to have to figure out who to attack next and how to switch.

But in general I'd like to see more fights against people with lightsabers, Bounty Hunters or humanoid aliens. Jarg/Sorno, Dreadguards really stand out as classic Star Wars fights.
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