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01.07.2013 , 03:23 PM | #152
The tension was incredible. I really didn't know what Quinn was going to do when it came to Wynston. Your explanation of the two situations makes perfect sense.

Also, as others have noted, Quinn telling Cole that he didn't have to obey an unjust order was brilliantly appropriate. It did get me thinking again about the moral status of the sith warrior vs. Quinn. I know that trying to kill the woman you supposedly love because you've been ordered to do so is a big deal, but there are a number of things you have to do as a warrior to advance the story that are fairly despicable too. Even someone who went as light-sidey as the game allows can't avoid some really disgusting actions.

So... yeah, I still feel bad for Quinn, in spite of everything. It's a shame that not everyone could have what they wanted... but that was never going to happen... and they still ended up in wonderfully happy positions compared to RMC. You made it clear that this version of Quinn loves his son with a purer, stronger love than he ever felt for Ruth, and they've ended up both alive and able to have a role in each other's on-going existence. Ruth and Wynston have been reconciled beautifully. They're two passionate, eternally-giving people who really deserve each other.

Sometimes I really like a happy ending.

So, ultimately, this story satisfied me very much. I am only sorry that it's over now, though the ending was great. You're really talented. Thanks for writing and sharing.