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[*] New Flashpoints. I may not be a "take vacation time to raid 18 hours a day" progression raider, but I'm fairly serious and in a fairly serious group. Despite this fact, I don't want to see *just* 8/16 man raids going forward. I still believe that LI HM is some of the best content in the game. The fact that even radically over-geared groups are under serious threat of wiping *repeatedly* on its bosses is a testament to how well-designed the mechanics are. The rewards are disproportionate, but who cares? We don't spend all our time raiding with an ops group. More 4 man content of this caliber would be *very much* appreciated. If I could get a flashpoint at the challenge level of LI HM but tuned for augmented Dread Guard rather than Tionese gear, I would be *begging* Bioware to take my Cartel Coins.[*] Less "Side Show" Story Themes. With the launch of Makeb, I have very little hope for this one. Did you know that the Dread Guard were the first ops bosses to use a lightsaber? (I don't count the Infernal Council as a real boss) So much for Star Wars… I want to walk into the next operation and be fighting a pitched battle against the Empire. When I walk into the same op on my Imp alts, I want to be fighting the Republic. Same bosses, same mechanics, just reskin everything. Red lightsabers instead of blue/green.

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