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01.07.2013 , 03:14 PM | #27
Both of these were mentioned, but I'll add my vote/comments to them.

1) The Hub-Spoke raid with tied in Flashpoints. IE, A BIG Raid. Where you can 'finish' one part, move on to the next.
(And I hate using this since it's quoting another game, but Uldaar for example).

2) "Alternate Gear". Why is the Top PVE gear only the set gear? Make the mobs 'useful' in ops, and have a gear alternates that drop as semi rare randoms from them.

3) EPIC Loot items. Same idea as above, but entire quest lines to get them. And I'm not talking easy. These should be the BIS slot that anyone can get, but they need drops from OPS, Flashpoints, and maybe even PVP to get them. And not even 1 OP run, but lets say 20 runs just to get that one mat.