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01.07.2013 , 03:05 PM | #616
1) Name of server: Harbinger
2) Name of character(s) affected: most recent: Chocolate'killa
3) Frequency of crashing: low level flashpoints Black Talon and Esseles
4) Important information: After completing the above flashpoints, the ship you are in jumps to lightspeed. upon "Exiting" lightpseed (that sound it makes that sounds like the ship decelerating) game crashes. In Black Talon it is after you choose to go back to Fleet or go to Dromund Kaas. in Esseles, it is in the middle of the conversation after returning to The Esseles.
5) DXDiag:

6) Reliability Report:

7) Confirm CTD and not DC: Yes, this crash usually happens with a straight Crash to Desktop without any "SWTOR.EXE HAS STOPPED RESPONDING" or anything of that sort. This time it gave me the "SWTOR has stopped responding"

I really hope this gets fixed, been happening to me for quite a while now
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