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01.07.2013 , 02:21 PM | #21
How about making it so the mechanics of the boss change thereby it isn't just a memory check of click this, dodge this AOE, tank swap etc...

This would keep everyone on their toes and mean that people need to learn the fights for themselves and not just run tried and tested strategies. As once you have the pattern memorized it is just rinse and repeat and then becomes a dps check.

I also agree that the boss mechanics need to be that everyone has to do something unique and not just sticking to their rotation. Obviously the bosses will have to be tuned differently for this.

Also allowing us to interrupt the bosses would be nice, say give them 8-10 hard hitting channeled abilities and the party must decide which of the 2 that they are going to get hit with. There are too many ppl who still dont know how to use their interrupts and end up getting carried by other people