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01.07.2013 , 02:07 PM | #20
The medic station inside raid, better speeder locations, and less trash are all things I'd most like to see.

As far as the solo instance idea I do wish they would experiment with it some more. Things that I'd like to see them experiment with in it:
- The EV instance of this was just a DPS race, this makes sense for DPS, but not for tank and healers. Give a challenge that makes sense for all 3 of the classes. Maybe the tanks are force to tank for a group of NPCs and has to keep agro against them the whole time, or maybe they are put in a fight with several mobs where a single NPC has damage that heals the tank and tank has to keep this guy agroed on him while killing the others. Healers are pulled into to help heal an NPC (maybe one of the main characters in the class stories like Shan or a Council Member or something) or they fight a mob to which healing damages them and they have to kill that mob using healing abilities.
- Give some incentive or ability to win this among your raid group. Whoever is the first to achieve their goal gets a piece of loot automatically, no roll on it. This should probably be a title, pet, or mount and not a piece of gear. That way displaying the title/mount/pet would mean something rather than you bought it or won a random roll.
- Have an option to opt out of this encounter if it's not your groups cup of tea or have some people that you know will struggle with it at their gear level.
- Better option for helping low geared members with this type of encounter than EV had.
- If it's truly solo then it would be nice if one person messing up wasn't able to wipe the group, there should be a penalty for that one person only (no loot, including comms and gear, for that fight).