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Yep, changing the factions doesn't really fix anything, it just makes the problem worse and probably permanent.

It's like how it was on Shii-Cho for the longest time, but the reverse. Imps DOMINATED the Republic for all of January and early February. Then the Republic started getting their gear and fought them back until the Republic was splitting wins 50/50 (and later the Republic started dominating much the same way unless there were premades, which made for awesome matches).

Imp side desperately need the gear. And there's no painless way to get it right now if you didn't store up commendations/farmed commendations on another character. There are many more organized guilds Republic side. Most of the Imperial ones, with the exception of Try Hards, 1) leave at the start which helps no one or 2) only super-queue double premades. We also have some Republic guilds that do much the same thing, but I won't name names. They know who they are.
o.O Is this Spaniard from Shii-Cho... if so... god I hated you lol.
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