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Greetings, I would like to ask writers of SWtOR ( mainly ) about colour of Sith Purebloods enchanced with dark side corruption because I find few things that are not exactly clear to me:
1. Lord Vitiate's original body ( true Sith ) had black eyes ( special ) but then his eyes became red from using dark side ( or maybe they became red after he switched bodies? - but then point 2 )
2. Many Pureblood npc who are most likely darksiders posses red eyes: Vowrawn, Lord Scourge, npc seller on the Imperial Fleet -dark side section-

does it mean that original Pureblood's glowing yellow eyes* become red after long exposure to the dark side ( and skin remains red ) ?***

*Purebloods have few varieties of skin/eye colours, facial tendrils etc. due their mixed blood with humans**
** most probably humans
*** I understand that Siths and Sith Pureblood have natural better synchronization with the dark side due their symbiosis but it doesnt mean that they are meant to be corrupted since birth and that it affected their natural look- after all look point about Vitiate whos eyes turned red
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