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01.07.2013 , 01:03 PM | #167
there's no reason to kill stuff when you can skip it

it's not an exploit, 2 classes have out of combat cc abilities, why would they be in game if skipping was an exploit?

it's also not worthwhile to majority of people to kill everything, there is no alternate advancement system where XP comes into play, there is no loot drop that anyone needs now - even new players, with the free tionese

no one really has any reason to do trash or mini bosses in FP's that arent required to kill to progress through the FP.

if you say - well, I enjoy killing them. That's not a valid reason for the other 3 people in the group usually.

aka get over yourself, skip the junk like everyone else and cross your fingers that bioware gives people a reason to kill the mini bosses and trash, because there just isnt any currently.