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As above, kudos for wanting to be a better tank. Here's a couple of things I learned that apply at lower levels that translate up quite well at endgame:

1) Guard whoever is pulling off you. Sometimes it makes more sense to guard that marauder or sorc that chain crits 5 times in a row for damage that would normally make you weep for joy. Guarding them reduces their threat and will make your healer's life easier. At lower levels the highest secondary threat producer is usually the healer so it's situational. Rule of thumb, guard whoever consistently pulls off you no matter what you do.

2) Situational Awareness. Always be moving your camera around. Know what's going on in all directions at all times.

3) Mark your primary and tab hit if you can't aoe. If CCs preclude aoe openers, mark a primary and make sure dps know to hit that primary. Throughout the fight, tab over to the other stuff and smack it with a flame burst or other instacast or even just a normal white hit to keep the mob on you instead of bee-lining the healer.

4) Save AOE taunts for save the healer moments. AOE as soon as possible after the taunt to "set" the taunt.

5) Flame sweep is your friend for generating low level aoe threat, especially if you can pull things away from CC'd targets out into the open.

6) Do NOT use taunt in your rotation. Save it for aggro dumps or when somebody pulls something. All your single target taunt does is make you highest threat in the combat. If you start with it, you are highest in a 0 threat run and DPS can generally outrace your threat production pretty quickly.

7) That 4 second stun is also a taunt (more or less) and can buy time for your healer to catch up. Use it when needed.

8) Harpoon CC'd enemies out of the way so AOE can happen. Harpoon does not break CC.

9) Learn recovery strategies that work for your group makeup and use them. Screwups happen often. Broken CC's, dps targeting 2 different enemies from what you're fighting, etc. A little practice in easy FPs and HMFPs means being able to pull a win from a wipe later on.

10) Sometimes just quickly aoe taunting and running behind something will get enemies that start to scatter to group up to chase you.

Just some little things, most of which you're probably already doing. Hope it helps a little.
Maybe that's the difference between being hardcore or a wannabe. Hardcore players just go and do it and often enjoy passing on their hard earned knowledge to others, wannabes hoard knowledge and play the elitism card to anybody they are capable of lording it over.