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So it's been increasingly frustrating doing the daily HM and getting Esseles or BT. During the final sequence and trying to complete the FP, my system crasshes. I've talked to a number of people and it appears what we have in common is an new AMD video card. I'm running the 7970. Anyway... this has been going on ... not sure why it's not been fixed yet... nonetheless, I decided to beat it somehow and figured out a trick to get it to work. Everyone in my group dropped group and finished their quest while I was DC'ed. I com back and tried a few different things like changing graphic settings and etc... none worked. Then I realized that I crashed during various points of the conversation... but it always seemd to take the same amount of time before the crash. So what I did... I started the chat sequence and spacebarred while hitting 1 over and over as fast as I could. I got through the whole dialogue and got credit for completing before the crash. The only snag... I don't seem to get LFG Dailty credit... but nonetheless it completed. Please fix BW.
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