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If your goal is to be the wealthiest player on your server, ignore this post.

If your goal is to have more credits than you need with minimal effort and without running those godsforsaken dailies, this post is for you. I've done over 70 million credits using a slightly modified version of this scheme.

The crew skills you will want are Slicing, Scavenging, Diplomacy, Underworld Trading. You should do your research and take the skills on the characters with companions that have +Crit in the skill. +Efficiency is worthless for this exercise.

The next thing you're going to want to do is get your companions' affection to 10k. I normally do this by using gifts up to about 7,500, then doing the conversations, then alternating gifts and conversations until at 10k. Companions with maximum affection seem (or seemed, last time I did the research) to crit more often than those with less than maximum affection.

Then you run missions:

Slicing: Run the Rich Lockbox Grade 5 missions, the Grade 6 Abundant missions for tech parts (preferably on +Crit pets), and the Grade 6 Abundant Lockbox mission. Sell Archaeology and Treasure Hunting missions for the going rate on GTN. Transfer other missions to your characters with the right +Crit pet and run them there.

Scavenging: Run the Abundant Yield Grade 6 missions.

Diplomacy: Run the Abundant Grade 6 missions.

Underworld Trading: I only ever run Slicing discovered missions on this skill now, but it might be worth it to run the Abundant Grade 6 Metals for crits for Mandalorian Iron.

Then, you sell.

When selling, sell in quantities that crafters use. You'll need to do some research to figure this out. For example though, Advanced Neural Augments are used 4 at a time. Sell them in multiples of 4: 4, 8, 12, 20, etc.

When pricing, think about what you're doing. Undercutting the next lowest price will guarantee your item is the next one purchased... until someone undercuts you. Undercutting by more than 1 credit is a waste because whomever buys will buy the lowest price whether it's lower by 1 or 1,000 or 10,000 credits. Why would you want to give up 999 or 9,999 credits just to undercut more?

You might also consider not undercutting the lowest price. Say you're selling an Archaeology mission discovery. You see one listed at 6,750 and the next 3 are at 12,000. Are you going to post for 6,749 or 11,999? It does take some time to get used to the market prices, but you know that 6,750 is going to fly away quickly so why give up the extra 5k by undercutting that when you could instead undercut the 12k and get 5k more?

As others have said, post for no more than 1 day as a default. You're going to get undercut within that timeframe so you might as well have the GTN return your items for reposting instead of eating the fee to pull them down early to repost.

You might also want to watch the GTN dynamics over the weekend. In the past, the weekend always seemed to have the lowest pricing for raw materials; however, now, some materials seem to increase on the weekends. Be careful when you post! You should post on a day that maximizes your value - a day when your items are rare on the GTN is better for you.

Have fun!