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The hardest-hitting repeated damage in the game comes from the Pulsar Droids in Nightmare EC. There, you're seeing a 13.3k (unmitigated) hit once every 5 seconds or so. Assuming terrible RNG, that means both healers need to be sustaining 1.3k HPS to prop you up for the next hit. Since there's essentially nothing else to heal during this phase, I'm not sure this is a valid case.

A more interesting case is something like Toth & Zorn, where you can get hit pretty hard (8k jump ftw) and that hit coincides with a moment when the healer may have to abandon you for a period of time due to knockback or having to heal something else. Even still, Toth hits like a wet blanket between jumps, so it's unlikely to be a problem.

Let's go with a different scenario: tanking Kephess pre-60%. You get the bleed and your co-tank taunts of you. They take a BOATLOAD of damage. Let's assume for the moment that the healers can only spare about 300 HPS for you (which is roughly equivalent to a HoT from both healers). The bleed ticks 5 times for about 7k, once every 3 seconds. That's 35k damage in 16 seconds, or 2.18k DPS. Subtract the 300 HPS and we get 1.88k DPS. Assuming you're topped off before this starts, you would need 30.2k HP to survive. That's doable, but only by sacrificing a lot of mitigation.

The assumption we have to make is that the healers will be able to spend more time on you than just 300 HPS. Unfortunately, this is really a question of your *co-tank's* mitigation, not yours. If he's stacking endurance, then he will take a lot more damage from Kephess and will require extra healing. Due to that need for extra healing, the healers won't be able to spend time on you and the bleed will be a straight subtraction from your HP. It sets up this unfortunate Nash Equilibrium, where both tanks have to be itemized in the same way.

My co-tank is mitigation stacking (as am I), and looking at my logs, the healers appeared to be doing around 500-800 HPS on me during the bleed (though this is a hard statistic to parse out for a single phase of the fight). That means the bleed will eat 22k out of my total health pool. So, that's the amount of endurance I need to ensure I have, plus a 4k-ish buffer around that. So, 26-28k?

It's very very situational though. I don't (at present) have a really good model which predicts the exact minimum HP required for any given piece of content. It just varies too much depending on your co-tank, your healers, and how much stupid your DPS feel like standing in.

As a healer, I *vastly* prefer healing tanks who stack mitigation. With that said, there are times when I appreciate the large health pool. (e.g. when I have to cross heal on paired bosses and step out of range/LoS of the tank for which I am responsible) It's situational.

The one observation I *can* make is that assassin/shadow tanks benefit inordinately from endurance due to the way it enhances the self-heal. If you're in Dread Guard gear and you want to minimize the amount of external healing you require, the magic value is 28.3k HP. I wouldn't go that high for another type of tank (25-26k seems more than ample), but 28.3k is a really nice spot for an assassin/shadow tank in current BiS gear. Important to remember that the reason for this much HP is *not* to provide some sort of extra buffer, but to improve the self-heal. On a purely buffer basis, I'd say 25-26k would be more reasonable.
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