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So good bright!!!!!!
Many favorites from this <3
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Scourge growled and charged the Emperor himself. Larr Gith activated her saber but looked to Ruth. "Got this, mama?"
once again GIRLFRIENDPOWER I don't even care Ruth and Gith! it's a thing in my head they will save the universe together.

"No more distractions, Ruth," he bellowed as he raised his saber and charged her son.

"No!" shrieked Ruth. The Force wave emanating from her shoved the boy with impressive power toward the open exit, far out of reach. She turned to Scourge with flashing eyes. "I'll go with you."

And she'd best keep her focus. Scourge snarled at her briefly and they ran back side by side to join Larr Gith against the big shadow figure.
mmm... Scourge.... So him. Exactly the delay he would not put up with and exactly what he would do. If you need someone for necessary backstabbing he's your man.

"Don't do this," said Quinn.

"I have to."

"You don't. You can fight this, it's an unjust command, you don't have to obey."
but but... he has no CHOICE, Quinn. ahahahaha suck it.

"Be careful," Larr Gith's presence cried.

"Burn him," urged Lord Scourge. "Burn him to ash."
This is my favorite image of anything ever. It was the thing that made me like Larr Gith despite her being the worst Jedi stereotype gone wrong... and of course obligatory "Scourge mmmm"

Quinn, no more than bruised, drew himself up straight immediately. Wynston slumped to the floor, wrapping an arm tightly around himself. He coughed hard, several times; blood from reopened wounds started slowly soaking through his thin shirt. He sat gasping for a few moments before he met Quinn's eyes and said "You'd think…you'd never had to…incapacitate…a Sith before."

She sensed the Force battle when it started and she stiffened. That would be the deciding factor. She could only watch her friend's back.
Jaesa was really watching real Sith-wives of Dromund Kaas so she did not notice the moderately important Colerand/Quinn/Wynston fight... or maybe she was watching for guards outside the ring... but I like my version better.

Doc whistled. "You carry this much synthplasma around in your field kit? Exactly how much bleeding goes on in your average workday?"

"Use it or don't," Quinn snapped. He returned to his pack, which beneath the two hastily thrown-in bags was immaculately organized, pulled out some supplies of his own, and turned his attention to Colrand.
I love this almost as much as their encounter in NDOW:ComicCon

Doc complied, and then finally rocked back on his heels. "And that, my friend, will get you to a kolto tank." He stood and gave Larr Gith an oddly nervous look. "Princess, it's been real exciting catching up. I, uh, I'm thinking of going home and sleeping for a year or ten, but you should call me sometime."

She smiled. "What's your hurry? I'll walk you home."
I love you Doc, in a "You are skeezy-but-silly" kind of way.

Quinn and Colrand stood together while Ruth moved to Wynston's side. She looked up at the soldier and her son.
Oooooh just a 'soldier' now hmmm? Good Ruth ... smart Ruth... *pats Ruth* OW ok... I'll stop.

"No question of that." Quinn and Colrand exchanged identical looks and identical smiles, weary but warm.

Her eyes stung. "Let's get you back to the ship," she said hoarsely. She scooped him up once more and let him drape his arms around her neck. "I love you," she said as she walked.

He rested his head on her shoulder. "Again."

"I love you. I love you, and I'm sorry."

"Just the first part."

"I love you," she repeated, and he didn't seem to get tired of it, all the way back to the ship.
double d'aaaaaaaaw (also imagery of this is fantastic and only not absurd because BT1 )

But Wynston makes Ruth happy. Quinn can't be there for her anymore; Wynston can and is plainly willing to sacrifice to do it. Oh, plus the smallest chance of Ruth or Cole ever discovering Quinn had a hand in Wynston's death would screw him over. Hard.
And the best part? Quinn figures out how not to be a bastard and the person he saves? WYNSTON. <3

Great story, bright. Loved it top to bottom even though it stabbed me in the gut and made me angry on too many occasions to count.