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I actually look at pugs as a way of appreciating my guild.

Other then that they can be fun in their own way because you don't know the skill level of the players or sometimes you are suprised that there ARE good players out there. For example, I did a group finder EV on my fresh lv50 maurader last night. Everyone knew the fights accept for the tanks. With a little explanation we were able to get though most of the fights without too much trouble.

-Droid - 2 wipes, tanks not understanding mechanics
-Gharj - 2 wipes, one from a DC'd tank and another due to someone pulling too early
-One shotted puzzle boss (I know, right?)
-One shotted council (still amazed on that one)
-2 wipes on SOA, this due to the fact that people didn't understand the platform mechanic and tanks didn't understand the pilliars in phase 3. Once we explained everything clearly we got to phase 3 with no deaths and subsequently killed SOA.

So take PUGS for what they are and try to have fun with it.
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