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just transitioned from the standard 2/31/8 to your 0/27/14 YESTERDAY

It's interesting since it plays almost exactly the same at first, but once I trained myself to use FiB properly, I'm expecting my overall warzone effectiveness greatly improved.

I've been in top 5 in warzones for damage AND objectives despite acting as side node defender in NC/CW just a couple of hours after trying it (i even topped a drawn-out Novare Coast once)

I also switched from a standard 3 button mouse to a full blown mmo mouse (logitech g600) last friday so I'm not fully comfortable with my new keybinds yet. Even with that, I can see the results

My main question is what actually raises its efficiency in warzones? I thought losing 30% project damage and trading clairvoyant strike for a lower-damage dual strike would greatly gimp its damage output. So far my FiB does score around 3.5k hits if it crits but i only see somewhere around 1.5-2k generally (using power-stacked WH level gear, 75% surge, and 1288 expertise, no EWH pieces yet). But i still end up killing more and dying less than I did before

TLR - just switched yesterday, learning to use FiB better, works in wzs better, but why exactly? and thanks

Also, I'm not sure if this is the case, but I think I lose my target every time I cast FiB.
Well, FiB/DF gives you another ability to throw into your damage rotation to offset the dmg increase CS/VS gives your shock. Plus it gives you a somewhat powerful AoE damage ability, which is a weak spot for full deception/infil builds. I like to call the 0/27/14 spec the "poor man's Mara/Sent." It also offers you a viable ranged damage ability for stopping caps or when you're being kited. With 1 point in Claws of Decay/shadow equivalent, your Thrash/DS will crit for around the same damage without the honing beacon graphic of CS/VS. Which is probably why you feel like you're not as squishy. Intelligent players will tunnel any Sin/Shadow with that graphic.