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Nar Shaddaa

Mean brushed off some dirt from his trenchcoat as the two flew as far away from the jedi as they could “So, what’s the plan now?”

Zero was deep in thought, making plans and discarding them just as quickly. Eventually, she came to a decision “Ok, we don’t have many options here, but there is still a lead we have not followed up on. That assassin Keeper told us about, the Banshee. We should contact her” As she said this, she pulled out her holocom and a holopad, quickly looking up the contact information intelligence had provided her.

Mean, however, looked annoyed “We really want to be bringing another person into this? This seems only like a way to screw over the mission more than it already has been. For starters, can we trust this assassin?”

Zero seemed to hesitate a moment as she considered the question “No more than we would trust any outside source. She has not been picky about her jobs, based on this info, working for both sides of the conflict, usually for who was paying more at the time. I anticipate that she will be like most mercenaries, in that so long as the pay is good, she will cooperate.” Zero finished entering the info and placed the call, awaiting a response. Few seconds later she heard a synthetic female voice, which said: "You have reached the Banhsee. She is not here, so you have 30 seconds to present your offer. Afterward, please leave your number, so upon her return the Banshee can contact you regarding her answer and/or details of your offer. Countdown starts... now. " There was a loud "beep" and then the line went silent.

Zero quickly started talking "Hello Banshee, I am Agent Zero, imperial intelligence. I am told you have already been contacted by one of our people regarding what we require. Me and my partner are the field agents in charge of securing the object. We wish to arrange a meeting ASAP to discuss and plan the job. Call us at this number on a secure line and we can talk further." Zero hung up, deciding against reminding her of the high pay she would get. If she has any brains, she will already know that. Stating what would be blindingly clear to a child may only serve to insult her intelligence.

Mean looked over at Zero "So, what now?" Zero did not respond for a moment as she looked at her holopad, finally looking up "I sent a report on the latest incident to keeper, and he has sent us a list of underworld contacts to grill for information" Zero held up her hand to stop mean before he could ask what she knew he would "Let me finish. You will remember my examination of that message to the underworld earlier, and how I guessed based on that that a force user was behind it? Well, the appearance of several other jedi and sith only reinforce my hypothesis. So, we are going to question the local underworld figures. Knowing how paranoid criminals are by nature, chances are someone will have noticed strangers in the area, odd occurrences, anything that may give us some hint of where these people have set up base,

Mean took out his knife as she spoke, and started sharping it "Sure, but what makes you think their base is on this planet?"

"Easy, this is a neutral planet, a haven for anyone who is trying to hide from empire and republic both. I have a sneaking suspicion that whoever we are after is not part of either. Think about it. If it is a jedi who wanted to look at it, why steal it from the republic? They could have just walked down there and asked to look at it. If it was a sith, then why have the delivery to them on nar shaddaa, when there are plenty of imperial worlds where they would be much more secure? Not to mention neither jedi nor sith would typically rely on the underworld and freelance criminals for such high risk theft. That is the job of Intelligence, or the SIS, or failing that, one of their own apprentices or such. No, this has to be a defector, from whom I do not know. Once we locate the base, then we just have to attack, using stealth or just a full assault depending on what kind of defenses they have, take it, and bring it back to dromand kass."

Mean shook his head "You make it all sound so damn simple. How much you want to bet that whole plan is going to be going down the ******* in a few hours?"

Zero sruged "I can't see into the future, but it is a fact that generally all plans have to be changed due to changing situations. We will start tracking down these underworld people while we wait for the assassin to get back to us" with that, Zero turned her car and started driving toward the first location on her list.