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Only thing I hate about underworld trading is 99.9999999999999% of the missions are for companion gifts. Make underworld trading actually resemble trading of goods or call it cupcake happy land skills to nullify companions -30 for slaughtering millions with one simple present.
WRONG. I know you are exaggerating but you are still wrong. Take a more balanced approach toward mission selection and you will never want for the mission you desire. Mission randomization (for UT) is at least in part based on what you have run in the past and I can prove it....

There was a point where all I wanted was companion gifts (trying to increase affection on an alt's companions), I sent all my companions on as many gift missions as I could. Eventually, there came a point where I got no gift missions; in grade 6 all I had were fabrics and metals missions. Of course I took full advantage of it .

And currently, I am stockpiling materials, I am in no rush to get any one type so I send my one +crit to UT companion on the best mission available. Sometimes that is metals sometimes it's fabrics. In the last month, I have yet to have a login where I do not have either the abundant fabrics or metals mission available, and often both are (if both are I do both by sending a second companion out).

Getting back on topic... This is a sci-fi fantasy game. Is there no way for you to imagine an advanced society being able to manipulate metal in such a way that it looks and feels like cloth? And in all honesty, we are doing this in real life now. There are experimental materials out there right now that are as flexible as cloth but when electricity or enough force is applied it becomes harder than steel.