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How do you give stuff to your other characters?, let me guess stupid legacy rubbish.
Thing that killed it for me, I found a custom sniper rifle (only good thing to come from Naa Sadaa) looked at it and it was -98 max damage, no mod would be able to make up for that.
When you put a mod in, along with an enhancement, crystal and barrel/hilt, the min/max damage number goes up.. WAY up... There is no quest items or purchase items that are as strong as crafted items for your level.. In order to get the most out of your craft, you need to spend some time to RE to blue and purple quality items.

And as someone said earlier, get a Cybertech toon for Ear/Armoring/Mods and buy 1 set of custom gear (preferably legacy gear)while leveling. You replace the mods and such after you reach each level tier... I am already past act 2 on my Sniper and have not reached lvl 38 yet...

So yeah crafting is VERY useful... especially when you have multiple toons...
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