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01.07.2013 , 07:26 AM | #111
Are you a PvPer? Looking to build towards a Ranked War Zone team?? TAW is building up there PvP base and is looking forward to making the leap to RWZ. Just be willing to work as a team, gear up, and use TS3! Would love to add you to the team!!

PvE teams are growing within TAW as well! Join up and conquer the galaxy!!!!

Timber'wolve (Powertech) Ti'sra (Merc) Timber'wolf (Merc) Ot'sana (Operative) Iron'hyde (Sniper) Em'press (Jugg) Ad'eona (Mara) Kim'ber (Assassin)
TImber'em (Gunslinger) Sil'ver'ado (Commando) TImber'King (Vangaurd)