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The trooper class history is awesome, except the ending, the ending is disappointing. The JK ending has a parade and an increase in rank. The trooper doesn't even have that, and he is in the military, daa? why is this? why create such an awesome history with no real ending? I would like to be able to express with words how disappointing it was, after fighting the most awesome battle, capture the Empires top general and not even "a thanks now you are a general", or a Colonel, no ... all you get is f u, u work is useless we gonna let him go. Come on!!! Gotta have a good reason for this. I loved the whole thing, now I am gonna do it again, but I am gonna execute the b****** before handing him in. Not worth it.

Hopefully the expansion will fix this. What are your thoughts guys? did you like the ending?
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