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I though my point was settled a while ago...

For the Elitist's who keep posting on here:

I get where you are coming from. I understand you have done the quests a bunch of times. but there is NO NEED to rip on others who dont play up to YOUR standards. everyone is different.


i like watching the story. i dont care if its over and over. I ran Black Talon on my new sorcerer about 7 times last night. know what? i didnt not use the space bar. why? because no matter how many time i play through it i choose different dialogue options and see what outcomes i get.

Put it this way: If the story is there, why not view it? I'll skip a convo if i want to skip a convo. no one owns me or tells me how to play. Ill figure it out. i take advice. i may not use it, but i thank people for it anyway.

If im out there to please the Elitist, then ill skip enemies and convos. but if i come across those of you who are Elitists, i will make it my goal to make your FP run as hard on you as possible.

after all, you do indeed, deserve it

As I can see from your sig, you have a maro.
DPS's are replaced so fast that I wouldn't have to think twice about kicking you if you did somethink like this to the group I was in.
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