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Yeah, the lightsaber is just a statstick for us... I don't think any sorcerer is asking to be good at melee but just one ability that required the lightsaber to activate would be sweet. Like this for example:

Striking an opponent with Thrash that you previously have afflicted with Affliction will cause Affliction to immediately detonate for its full damage and cause 40% of the damage as splash damage to all opponents within 5 meters of the target. If any target hit by splash damage also carries your Affliction these too will detonate with the same effect.
Using this combo will put your Affliction on a 20 seconds cooldown.


Sure would be sweet, but this would require some degree of imagination from the devs and I'm afraid they used it all up on other classes (or other games). Just look at the class feedback thread prior to 1.4, full of ideas and what did we get? A new heal...
I don't mean to sound ungrateful, the heal is nice and all but could you be more unimaginative?
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