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01.07.2013 , 03:57 AM | #1864
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This problem has been fixed for me. I did send a copy of an ID so they know the card is mine. Also placed the last 4 digits of my CC, and my account's email. I made sure no other personal info was on the scan, just a an with my name. A day later I got an email saying I can purchase again, but before I did I emailed them back asking if the problem is fixed because I heard about people being locked out again after having the issue resolved. They said yes it's been fixed, gave it a try flat out dropped $280 still not blocked :x.
I shouldn't have to do any of that crap to get it working, if bioware want my money, they should just get the bloody thing working, cause i am getting sick and tired of this bull crap.

EDIT: 6 days remaining on my subscription time, if this crap isn't fixed in 5 days, i will NOT be renewing my sub and i love to buy those coins, so you will not only be losing out on 8.99, you will be losing like atleast 200 per month, because you refuse to sort out a problem that is on your freaking end.