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How do you give stuff to your other characters?, let me guess stupid legacy rubbish.
Thing that killed it for me, I found a custom sniper rifle (only good thing to come from Naa Sadaa) looked at it and it was -98 max damage, no mod would be able to make up for that.
That's what mods are for. It's damage is determined by the level and quality of the barrel in it. Want it to do more damage, put a better barrel in it.
that and Morrigan (forget her name but is never happy unless you drowning kittens like Morrigan from DAO) has a bonus to armstech but can't use her for making things as I need her on missions.
That bonus is really only useful for efficiency and critical chance. In the case of making barrels with armstech, she'll make them faster and or have a better chance of making two of them instead of one, something that's not that important for personal use crafting. So you could honestly use your ship droid for crafting barrels with armstech until end game, where you'll really want crits on top end artifact stuff (mostly so you can sell the other one, or whatever). Also, considered having her craft while you're in a flashpoint or warzone or space mission etc?