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I use them so much I have 6 characters. I couldn't live without my Armormech gearing up my alts and companions, or my Synthweaver gearing up my force users and companions, or my Cybertech allowing me to rock awesome outfits and make me the monies, or my Artifice to compliment my Cybertech, and especially not my Slicer who just runs around making all my toons free money! I could live without my Armstech, the crafted gear is pretty lame and the barrels are only so useful considering barrels are easily enough obtained with planet/daily commendations.

For leveling and PvE content, the blue and purple schematics you can learn from Armormech and Synthweaving will blow any equal level quest reward or random drop out of the water. Add to it the fact that you have diverse options of gearing, with gear tailored to dps heals and tanks, and that with extensive reverse engineering for appropriate prefixes you can most definitely rock more role appropriate armor than anything you will more than likely find or be rewarded before end game. I don't even RE to purple, just hit Crit/Overkill/Redoubt blues and keep current which is honestly more than easy enough to do... and I get to take the commendations rewards for almost every mission, allowing me to fill out my weapons and various bits and pieces of custom armor with Commendations Modifications from each planet with less heroic grinding.

I am an odd man out in the sense that none of my characters are Biochem, but honestly none of my characters burn through medpacks/stims too frequently, and the real beneficial products require Biochem to use so it's sort of a waste beyond the character that has it. Biochem is a great investment for almost any player, probably one of the best options available aside from Cybertech... it's just not my cup of tea.

tl;dr I use a lot of crew skills!