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Well on all my other characters (The 8 main ones, although i don't really play all of them) I would have Bio for the reusable stims and meds etc..

Might be close then.. I'll just have to look it all up again. I had it all written down before.
If you have any healers, you don't really need reusable medpacks. Let them craft other stuff.

The implants from Biochem can be mailed to your other toons, you really only need one Biochemist with the "full" implant list, preferably a Jedi Knight for the companion bonus.

Reusable stims and adrenals are always usefull.
However ... if a healer REALLY needs the 15 second-boost from an adrenal, it probably means that healer won't have those 15 seconds. Let the healers craft other stuff, and not Biochem.

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