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01.06.2013 , 09:31 PM | #66
LOL Jedi Guardian takes you on this boring set of abilities, a 15 sec AoE (your only AoE which makes tanking a nightmare!!!) an ability with a pretty lame name and animation. Sundering Strike? Blade Storm? terrible gust of wind animation, kinda makes me glad it has a cooldown! Force leap is cool and I feel like they could really work on ALL THE EMPTY GLOBALS O MY GOSH in my rotation. Im spamming strike for half my globals all the way up to level 30!!!! That is ridiculous! besides a lack of big numbers and serious threat generation, the story is very fun and entertaining along with a kira romance which is the only reason I play the jedi guardian (shes the voice actor for seranna in skyrim dawnguard). I'm hoping for better at level 50 but overall pretty bad.

Jedi Sage is fun at later levels and lacks a good story overall, so dont play a sage if u want to have fun, theyre pretty powerful though.

Agent so far is fun, neat storyline, I LOVE IT WHEN DARTH JADUS DIED. Cuz earlier he electrocuted me to death because i wouldnt bow to him. THANK YOU BIOWARE!!! Wish I didnt roll sniper and went operative but wutevs its still cool.

Just take this for feedback not a vote on anything cuz im still a noob at the classes