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It's a little annoying, because every companion has obvious hooks for quests. Like "I gotta go to Taris to rough a dude up!" *fade to black* "OK, back from Taris!" Because it's not like I wanted to go to Taris with you and help out with that.... While they're adding s/s to companions, maybe they can finish that too. A comprehensive "companion patch" that offers universal storyline extras on top of s/s fixes would certainly be a good way to garner the interest and support of folks who are otherwise indifferent to or uninterested in just the s/s aspect.
I also found the hook/fade to black structure for most companion "quests" pretty annoying. I wonder if the developers originally planned to include full quests for all companions but ran out of time and/or resources. I would love a "companion patch" myself, but I suspect Bioware is more likely to produce additional content for level 50+ than to add to the 1-49 content. Time will tell, I guess.