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Will do - between videos, I've been trying out different keybind patterns, trying to find something that works better. I always get [5] (Slow Release Medpack) and [6] (Emergency Medpack) mixed up, often at the worst possible time. Gotta do something about that. I should probably have Vanishing Act on keybind as well, since that's one that I find myself needing fairly often. But, I could talk about possibilities all day; I'll experiment much more - thanks for the feedback!
Here are my keybindings as an example.

WASD :  Move keys
Q: Stun.
Z: Snare.
E: Heal.
F: The other heal.
G: Diagnostic scan.
X: Enemy target.
C: Friendly Target (character pane renampped: V)

MB1 : Huttballs.
MB2: Emergency whatever.
MB3: Medpacks.
MB6 : Group heal.
MB:9  Interrupt.
MB10: Jump.
MB12: Out of combat heal.

ALT+Z: Buff.
ALT+V: Adrenal.
ALt+C: MedPack.

MBScrollClick: Roll into cover.
MB5: Evasion.
ALT+MB5:  Defense screen.
ALT+MB8:  Disappearing act.
Something pretentious.