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01.06.2013 , 08:22 PM | #210
I do not know when you started playing your assassin Xerain, but I know that people who have been playing the class for a long time, such as Waka, Shin, and myself, are used to the spec being even squishier. Those of us who stubbornly clung to Decep builds pre 1.4 played the squishiest class in the game bar none. It was basically a melee sorc without the bubble. When we got buffed in 1.4, we held on to the tricks that we learned from the old days. Playing smartly can really reduce the damage you take. There are days when I feel like a full tank playing this build when I compare to what it used to be. And there are times where I'm a solo defender against 4-5 enemies, and while I do die, I surprise even myself how long it takes me to go down. If you have not watched Shin's latest Acumen video, I highly recommend it, as she talks about some good tricks to keep yourself safe.