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Just a little suggestion, try putting in some keybinds to your abilities, notice you click every ability which is a giant time sink and very slow, you will be able to respond to things a lot faster
Will do - between videos, I've been trying out different keybind patterns, trying to find something that works better. I always get [5] (Slow Release Medpack) and [6] (Emergency Medpack) mixed up, often at the worst possible time. Gotta do something about that. I should probably have Vanishing Act on keybind as well, since that's one that I find myself needing fairly often. But, I could talk about possibilities all day; I'll experiment much more - thanks for the feedback!

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Might have come across you in the past couple of days. Leveled a sorc named Nirvana. Always fun to watch videos of people on the same server.
It's more than possible...I think I remember Nirvana in a couple of matches. I don't typically do well against Sorcs, so you most likely cleaned my clock pretty good. But one day, I'll get you! (Actually, that'll never happen. But I'll probably be healing the guy that gets you!)
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