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Another female gamer chiming in.

Speaking in general terms, females do NOT like bugs. We squash them. We swat them. We suck them up into the vaccuum cleaners. We do not want to romance some creepy buggy dude who refers to himself in third person plural. Sure, there's more to the game than romance, but as much as I enjoy leaving behind a trail of dead bodies, I also enjoy my romance options.

Vector creeped me out so much I dumped my female IA. Even Corso's insecure jealous whining is better than creepy buggy dude.

I won't be playing a female IA until there's either a companion update, or I can have a same-sex romance. I think I"ll just roll a female bounty hunter... but I really wanted to play an IA.
Talk for yourself, I'm a female and currently enjoying my entomology studies *rollseyes* but I do prefer spiders over "bugs"...