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01.06.2013 , 05:09 PM | #35
Not sure if I'd be what you're looking for, but I recently rerolled here. I have a 50 legacy with 70 50s on Jedi Covenant and just wanted to start-up somewhere else on a server where Imps actually thrive.

My main is a concealment operative, which I just dinged 50 on a few days back and is almost fully WH gear. As my signature notes, I have experience with the class/spec as I have a concealment Op and scrapper Scoundrel back on JC.

I know the sad state concealment is in and is at a liability to take along instead of a comparable assassin, but needless to say I consider myself really good and have others on my home server that consider me among the few best. I usually run dailies and wouldn't mind running RWZs when I'm fully geared/augmented, which should be by week's end.

I actually haven't even gotten a feel for what are the top guilds of either PVE or PVP on the server since I'm that new, but MoX stands out to me since I've been using the parser for as long as I've known about it and figured it had to be created by someone pretty competent.

Thanks for consideration.