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The problem is that you only get the no-pin when the people on the rail all know what they're doing. Most RDPS and healers, especially in PuGs, get pretty oblivious concerning enemies that they are not target and move out of their direct line of sight (which is what happens with the untauntables when you're on the rail). The rail-drop strat works great for coordinated guild groups that don't really need the extra help, but, for most pugs, they'll just end up screwing it up because they weren't paying attention. It's a risk/reward thing: you're risking the group splitting up and lowering tangential AoE on the off chance that the people on the rail will actually pay attention and drop before they get pinned. A vast majority of the time the risk outweighs the rewards when you're dealing with PuGs.
Guess I just get luckier with pugs? I rarely see anyone go up on the railings unless they know what they're doing, since if the pugs are dumb or inexperienced it won't even occur to them to avoid a pin, much less stand anywhere else but in the center.

I'm not sure what the mechanics are for who the Commander orders the others to attack, but when I heal this I front-load some heals and damage when the fight starts and more often than not they go to me. I end up controlling the fight until the Commander goes down (since the mobs don't really have time to chase more than 1 or 2 people provided Commander dies first).

So for me the whole group can be pugs but I frequently see the fight go with no pins on anyone but the tank. But I can understand the reticence to see people running around unless you're personally playing that smart healer or ranged DPS.
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