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It wasn't until about 3-4 days ago that I really started concentrating on crafting. I've got 6 characters, with every crafting skill covered except Synthweaving (I did have Synthweaving on one, but dropped it to pick up Biochem, since he's a tank and the reusable stims and med packs are very nice to have.)

To add (and probably repeat some of) what others have said, here's some things that I've learned along the way this past week:

- For blue, and especially purple crafted items, make sure the cost of mats is not greater than the cost of the made item.

I have some purple recipes with my Cybertech, but a lot of them I can make more money selling the individual Underworld purple mats than I would if I used them to craft something.

- Unless you're not going to be logging in for a couple of days, set all of your sales to 1d.

I say this because the market changes very quickly, and you can't make any credits if you have items that are overpriced, but not set to expire for another day. I was making a really good amount of credits from selling some low-level blue enhancements with my Artifice one day. So I went ahead and made a bunch more and listed them before going to bed (also checking the prices to make sure that I was still the lowest priced, while still not losing any money on materials). I dreamed I would have riches in my inbox the next day.

Well, other crafters saw that I was selling them for more than what the next level higher was going for and they got the same idea I did. I logged in the next day and I had only sold one or two. I go look on GTN, and the price had dropped 3k credits from what I had mine listed as, and it was now saturated with them.

Since I had listed them for 2d, my choices were that I could either pull them (and lose my deposit), or wait until they expired (which is what I did). If I had listed them for 1d, I could have re-listed them the next day at the lower price (which still would have netted me a profit, though clearly not as much as what I had made with them.)

- Diversify. Don't just make one thing.

Unless you're making 26/27 hilts, barrels, and relics, don't just rely on making one thing. With my example above, I now have a cargo hold of enhancements of the same level because the market for them is really oversaturated.....for now. So look through and see what levels of items don't have many listed and go craft. Of course, other crafters will probably be doing the same, but you'll hopefully get a few sales before everyone else catches on.

- Don't try to ALWAYS be the lowest priced.

When I see a list of items where there are 3-4 items going for 2-3k, and then the rest going for 8+k, I'll price mine more towards the 8+k price range. Those 3-4 items will be gone pretty quickly, only leaving the 8+k left to choose from.

- Green items do sell.

When I was gearing up my alts (before I could make everything for each other), I always looked for blue and purple items. But people do buy green. Case in point - My Cybertech was able to sell green lvl 9 and 11 armorings for 800-1000 a piece. The cost of desh and silica is cheap (especially if you just send your crew out on missions to get them).

- Don't expect too much until you can start deploying more than three crew members at a time.

I think some people don't give crafting too much of a chance because until you get some other crew members, crafting while trying to level your character up can be slow going. But once you've got four companions and you can send three of them out on missions, things definitely begin to pick up.