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Whatever the JC does on each planet, in the end they end up in the same situation with a master. There are never any surprises or twists to this decision, and since the first choice on Taris I've made the same one. Each time I'm again annoyed when everybody's like, 'Oh no! You're weak now!' except I'm really not and could only wish there was some actual weight given to the decision to sacrifice yourself. There is no other class story that has a repeat decision like this (except perhaps BH, but I think that's done better), and it brings the story down.
And then you're off to the next planet, where hopefully you'll enjoy your mini-story on that planet before you get to the lame end decision again.
Most of the Act finales have some surprises. The JC finale just confirms what you figured out two planets ago, and presents you AGAIN with that same damn decision!
The JC story could have been done better, certainly. But I don't have a problem with the repetitive structure. (Keep in mind that I finished the story at launch.... so it's been a while)
You always had the same choice. But why wouldn't you? It was the same big bad and you've given no reason to change his strategy. I don't think this would have been such a problem if they created progressively more tension in the choice. Specifically remembering Rajivari's principles from the prologue, where was the voice that was questioning whether you'd be able to save the next one? Why wasn't I accused of playing the short game by saving each master? Who was telling me I was too important to be doing this to myself? Certainly a LS Consular would still shrug off these objections and do the right thing anyway, but I think this kind of thing would make the repetitive nature of the choices a major benefit of the story structure. You can't really worry "but what about the next time?" or "how long can I keep this up?" if you don't know that this scenario is going to repeat itself.
Another thing I think would have been interesting and added weight to the choices would be:

But as it is, it's a passable act to a good (not great) overall story. I'm not majorly critical of it, but I certainly recognize that if I have to try and think up reasons why the choices matter beyond what's presented, the story isn't doing a good job.

EDIT: I wanted to add based on your BH comment that the BH story makes this repetitive choice a non issue by giving a consistent character reasons to choose one way on one planet, but choose another way on the other. For the Consular each progressive choice gives you no reason to change your mind.