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Ok Pig and I have just put the finishing touches to part 1 of this event:
Fight for Belsavis.
How this event will work is that each ac will have duels to decide that classes champion then the 8 champions from each ac will duel to decide the faction winner who receives 250k prize money. These 2 winners are going to be the army leaders for their respective factions.
There will then be the best out of 5 duel for overall server champion who receives an additional 500k and a suprise bonus for their army in the main war.
These duels will be on belsavis and are held by dawn as they are our first sponsors. The ac mirrors will be on at the same time. To get in on your ac duels you must put down character names and classes in this thread. If you do not put your name in this thread you are not allowed to participate in the duels.

Event will be on the 26th and/or the 27th of January (depending on how we go for time) and each ac gets 1hr for all duels(if it takes longer than so be it). This will start at approximately 10:00 a.m. GMT+11 time.

Stay tuned for more information, rules and a back story.
Sharth and Pig
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