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01.06.2013 , 12:51 PM | #4
Pax Republica is an active PvP and PvE guild. With far from stale PvE raids, we're always looking to get good players that enjoy an excellent community. Do your members also like to PvP? We have an equal focus of both, while lately PvE seeming to take a bit more of our focus. We've just started picking up doing Rated Warzones again and are looking to make sure we get more players that, while interested in PvE, are also interested in PvP.

Check us out:

We have a in-depth application and trainee process so that we can get to know people before they become a full member. As someone that went through this process, I can say I appreciated their careful way of handling new trainees. That said, once you've become a trainee, there is no limitation. We've taken trainees on HM TfB runs, it is all depending on who is on and who can fill a spot we need. There is never a guarantee of a spot in a progression raid, but with your 5, it sounds like we can get two groups going at the same time. We've been hosting nightmare ops as well lately with good success; approximately 10-12 of the 16 are Pax Republica on these.

If you like a community focused guild, again, check us out.