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Approaches microphone cautiously *tap tap* is this thing on? *Ahem*

Our regular moderators appear to be *ahem* delayed by unforeseen circumstances. Therefore, I humbly step forward to offer the following prompt for your consideration this week:

Stomping Grounds: Our characters all have favorite places. Somewhere they grew up, somewhere they spent a lot of time, someplace that feels like home or might as well be. Someplace they’d rather be any day of the week. Somewhere they dream of when things go wrong. Tell us about your character’s favorite stomping ground.

*dodges empty plastic drink cup*

Or, if you’d prefer, return to one of the the previous prompts through our Zombie Prompt archive:

Short Fic:
AU Short Fic:

As an acknowledgement of your inconvenience, all drinks at the bar will be half price for the next hour. Thank you for your understanding. *walks off muttering* At least we no longer serve anything in glass. *wipes forehead*