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01.06.2013 , 11:40 AM | #1
Just curious if you use your crew skills and what for.

Personally I do to an extent, but mostly just selling off schematics I can not use on GTN.
I just find them useless, I am still new to MMO and only been playing this a couple of weeks, and just do not see any point past free credits, or maybe I am doing things wrong.

For example my first character Sith Jugg I gave him slicing, artifacts and synth, all the cloths I made were rubbish compared to what I already got just by killing and quests, at level 22 I got feed up and gave my agent sniper armstech scavenging and invest apart from a couple of knives that too has been a fruitless adventure.

I have read the tuts here and elsewhere so no need to post any.

Just wondering if anyone actually uses them for something.